About us

Hello, my name is Alex.

All of us many times dreamed to start new life from Monday, from the next week or from the first day of the next month… You make your diet, plans for sports activity and so on… But even you if you start your “new life” it is often ends within next two, five, maximum 10 days.

My own experience has shown that actually there is no need to change life drastically and to force yourself to do things that you have never done before. It is enough to exclude fast food and sweet soft drink, high-carbohydrate food substitute with fresh salads, fruits, stop eating after 7 p.m. And what is very important – to find time for walking. Even doctors say that walking produces very positive results, even better then jogging.

I started my “new life” two years ago and I did not set high goals. It was not so difficult to exclude fast-food and sweet soft drink. Also I managed to find time for walking every evening. Of course, I did not walk when it was rainy.
So, finally I reduced my weight by 22 pounds within 2 years.

Follow my blog and I will share what else I learnt during this period.